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July 2008

Do You Feel Like You're Not Getting
Enough Done at the End of the Day?

by Sidney C. Walker


It is hard to imagine that our lives could get any busier, but they are, and it doesnít look like there is an end in sight. Taking control of how you use your time is becoming more than just an important skill to develop. How effectively you manage your time now greatly determines the quality of life itself. Here are some perspectives and ideas to considerÖ.


Think of time management as a means to a more interesting, spontaneous, creative life. You have to manage part of your time in order to have the time to do whatever you want.



Schedule appointments with yourself to work on projects or important tasks in order to get more done with fewer distractions and interruptions. The net productivity of multi-tasking is highly over-rated. Make yourself unavailable several times a day to make progress on important items.



You have to develop the ability to keep at least one good list. Use a word-processor rather than a yellow pad and sticky notes. If you have to keep re-writing the list you are already doomed to things falling through the cracks. If you donít have access to your word-processor during parts of the day, have one place to write things down that you can transfer to the main list later. Regularly update your main list and print out the new copy with todayís date in the title. Back up your list.



Be aware of your emotions related to tasks you donít want to deal with or you are putting off. Negative emotions are a signal that you have lost your center and your resourcefulness.



Everyday, make a list of 3 -5 really important things to do. Then put everything else off.  If you donít develop the ability to ďsee how much you can put off until later,Ē you wonít have time for the really important things on your list. Remember the positive definition of procrastination is: brilliant timing!



Do as much on the telephone as possible. People have a natural tendency to get to the point more quickly on the telephone (there are exceptions, of course).



Add intuitive time management to your arsenal. Traditional time management says to make a list for the day, prioritize the list and then kill to get it done. This works for some people. What is more effective for most people, and more interesting, is to periodically ask yourself what does it feel like it is time to do now? And, who does it feel like it is time to call now? When you ask yourself these questions and an answer floats into your awareness (usually while you are doing something unrelated to the thought), take action on it right away. You will be amazed at how much smarter your intuition is than your analytical mind.


Enjoy the summer weather,

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