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Barrier Diagnosis

The following is a list of issues that can be addressed in the
Individual Coaching Process.


Check any of the following that apply to you:

 Goal-Setting Related

      Find it difficult to determine a direction within your career.

      Find it difficult to set goals that have meaning.

    Lack a realistic plan of action once goals are set.



      Not clear about what really motivates you.

      Don't feel you are putting your strengths to their best use.

    Difficulty maintaining high energy level and enthusiasm, just "going through the motions."


Sales-Process Related

      Inconsistent prospecting and lack of confidence toward self-promotional activities.

    Not getting the level of commitment and positive action you want from potential clients.

    Not comfortable with telephone language or would like a new approach.

    Uncomfortable with initial interview language or would like to feel more confident in the initial interview.

    Uncomfortable promoting yourself or your business in social situations.



    Difficulty making decisions, go around and around on important issues.

   Find that it takes a lot of energy to stay organized.

    Difficulty delegating work.

    Difficulty finding time to prospect with all that needs to be done.



    Find it difficult to shift back to a positive state of mind after something negative has happened.

   Find that you are more easily upset over little things than you used to be.

    Stuck on a plateau and can't seem to get to the next level.


Self-Esteem Related

    Find it difficult to say "no" to people; find yourself doing things you don't really want to do.

    Find it difficult to walk away from business that doesn't feel right.

    Find as you get a little bit ahead, you coast until you're behind again.



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