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January 2007

by Sidney C. Walker


QUESTION: In the twenty-year period from 1986 to 2005, how many times was the US Stock Market the best performer compared to the stock markets of the other major developed countries (Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Switzerland, and UK).

ANSWER: In round numbers, so to speak…zero. That’s right, in the recent 20-year period, the US Stock Market was never the best performer. (Source: “Investing Without Borders” 800-480-4111)

LESSON: If you are not looking at the big picture, you are not going to get the best results. If you are investing money, you need to include international stocks in your investment portfolio.

If you are trying to make more of the right decisions in your life and in your practice, you need to use the part of your brain that sees the big picture, your intuition or intuitive instincts.

What is the quickest way to learn how to be more intuitive and start making better decisions? Ask yourself different questions. Questions like:

What is the quickest way to learn how to be more intuitive and start making better decisions? Ask yourself different questions. Questions like:

What does it feel like when it feels intuitively right?

My plans for 2007 makes sense, but do they feel right?

What does it feel like it’s time to do now?

Who does it feel like it’s time to call now?

If you want to learn more about how to develop the ability to trust your intuitive instincts and access the genius we all have hidden away behind our analysis and emotions, get a copy of my book Trust Your Gut. It could be the most important book your read this year!

If you already have a copy, buy one for someone you care about. Buy copies for your better clients. It’s also a great book for teenagers and 20-something’s trying to find their way in life.

I’ll even sign the book(s)! Just tell me you want the book(s) autographed in the special instructions. Give me a “first name” and I will write a short note, otherwise I will simply sign my name on the first page of the book which is blank.

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Let’s make 2007 a year of growth and breakthrough!

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