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January 2009

by Sidney C. Walker


I got to know David Frey last year who is a top internet referral author and coach for small businesses of all kinds. David is also the second highest ranking distributor with out of 50,000 people or so. Many of you attended the "Ultimate Referral Webinar" which we did about 5 times last year.


One of the best ideas I got from David was the "Letís Do Lunch" marketing campaign. The idea is simple. You identify 50-100 influential people (or any number) you want to meet and send them a greeting card inviting them to have lunch with you. You send the card once each month for six months. Obviously, if they call you to have lunch, you take them off the list. David has tested this approach numerous times and has averaged a 40% response over the 6-month period. He also says that having your picture on the inside of the card almost doubles the response rate.


A few people will respond right away and call you for lunch. Most people get the card and think this person is just trying to sell me something and toss the card. But what happens after people get the card two or three times, they realize you are sincere and the calls start to come in.


What you say in the card is important. I use Davidís language with one exception. David likes to give people a specific date, time, and place to meet for lunch. I like to leave that part more open. Here is he language I have been having my clients use.


"Fred, I have been hearing good things about you. I may be able to be a referral source for your business. I would like to get to know you. Let me buy you lunch. Give me a call when you have an opening (telephone number). Signed, your name."


In the SendOutCards version, this card is already set up. The outside of the card says "Letís Do Lunch" in big letters. You open up the card and on the right is a quote from Davidís book about the value of meeting people for lunch. You put your note on the left with your picture at the top. It is first class and only costs $1.30 per card which includes a real stamp and a picture of you on the inside. (If you are already using SOC and donít have that card, send me an email and I will send you instructions on how to download Davidís custom cards and some of my own custom marketing cards to your account.)


(If you are interested in knowing more about and you know a distributor, give them a call. My affiliate partners who are SOC Distributors: Bill Cates, Dr. Len Schwartz, Peter Lantos, Tammy DeLeeuw, Lou Bortoletto, Ray Vendetti, Scott Brooks and Michael Beck. If you donít know a distributor, give me a call or send an email and I can show you how to get a free look at the system and send yourself a card from my distributor account.)


You can obviously do this process without SendOutCards; it just takes more time, effort and some creativity. You could have some custom greeting cards made up for this purpose and ideally include your picture. You would have to do some research and see what other options are out there. If your picture is on your business card, that would count as a picture and should increase your results by putting your business card in the greeting card.

One other observation... Since you are saying that you could be a potential referral source to these people in order to get their attention, it is good to identify successful people. You can do this with your own personal observation and due diligence. Another source is the Chamber of Commerce. Call the Chamber or meet with someone there and get the names of the top people in any number of occupations. They know who these people are. Then you know you are meeting the kind of people that you actually want to meet and would most likely be able to refer.

I love the "Letís Do Lunch" concept and have many of my coaching clients using it. The main reason I like it so much is that it takes so little time after you get it set up. You identify the people, you send out the cards and you wait for the phone to ring! And it will! You will get to meet influential people that are often very difficult to see.

You have to give it a few months for it to work, but that isnít very long. And, you can start out small if you want and send out 10 or 20 cards. I tell people to send out 200 per month! With SendOutCards, 100 cards is $130 per month, they print and mail the cards for you with your picture on he inside above your note. If you got to meet 40 influential people (100 x 40%) in your community over the next six months, what would happen to your business? You would write some nice business and end up with some potentially substantial referral sources. All that for under $1,000 and you can spread the cost out over six months!

Do I hear the phone ringing. Oh, itís for youÖone of the most influential people in your community wants to have lunch!


Happy New YearÖ

PS: I am giving $15 off any product purchase from with this discount code: 151515. (If for any reason the code doesn't work, make a note in the "comments section" and we will make the adjustment. Offer expires 2/1/09. International Orders see below.)

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