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January 2011

"The Secret to Happiness
and Self-Fulfillment for 2011..."

by Sidney C. Walker


Years ago I read a book titled Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. They interviewed thousands of people from around the world to determine what makes people happy. One of the conclusions was: To have a challenge big enough to be interesting but not so big that it is overwhelming. I have found that to be good advice.


I remember an interview years ago that Barbara Walters did with David Geffen. He was about thirty-five years old if I remember correctly. She asked him, "Does money make you happy?" I will always remember what he said. His response: "If you think money will make you happy, you have never had a lot of money." In the context of the interview, what he meant by a lot of money was more than you would know what to do with, which is what he had.


I reviewed the Landmark Forum and the Landmark Advanced Course over the Holidays. It would be difficult to describe the power of this experience in the space I have here. (Their website is I did the original training thirty-one years ago. Much of the content is similar although more refined. I had forgotten the Forum's brilliant simplicity and prescription for happiness and self-fulfillment.


Simply stated, and as David Geffen alluded to, what you have won't make you happy for very long. You will always be looking for something more soon after any achievement. And, you may even find yourself saying, "Is that all there is?"


The advice of the Landmark Forum is that the only part of life that is consistently related to happiness is who we are being. Basically, what you have and what you do is nowhere near as powerful as who you are being in each moment of your life.


So I pose this question and a challenge to you for the upcoming year... Who are you going to BE in 2011? Not so much what are you going to do or what are you going to achieve. But, who are you going to BE while you are doing and achieving?


What do you want to be known for? What is the vibe that you want your family, friends, clients, associates and people in general to get from you? What feeling do you want to leave people with when you drive off into the sunset?


For me, the answer was clear when I was recently asked the question. I want to make a positive difference in as many lives as I possibly can this year. I had forgotten how powerful we are as a single soul on the planet. We can BE whoever we choose to be in each moment of our life. There is no limitation on this precious gift and it is the only thing that consistently makes us truly happy.


I wish you great prosperity and great peace for 2011.


Happy New Year!

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