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January 2012

"If Life Is A Game, These Are The Rules..."

by Sidney C. Walker


I had the honor of spending some time with a celebrity friend and mentor over the Holidays, Cherie Carter-Scott. Cherie is the author of fourteen books including If Life Is A Game, These Are The Rules which is a New York Times Best Seller. Cherie has been a guest on every TV show you can imagine including Oprah! And, she is considered the "Mother of Coaching," starting her coaching program/technique in 1974 which has now grown to be worldwide. I got my coaching certification with their program in 1982.


You are probably already asking what are the rules? So here they are:


  1) You will receive a body...

  2) You will be presented with lessons...

  3) There are no mistakes, only lessons...

  4) Lessons are repeated until learned...

  5) Learning does not end...

  6) "There" is no better than "here"...

  7) Others are only mirrors of you...

  8) What you make of your life is up to you...

  9) All the answers lie inside of you...

10) You will forget all of this at birth...


Cherie and I talked of many things but the topic that had the most profound impact was Rule #9: All the answers lie inside of you. As I looked at all the opportunities available to me for 2012 while feeling a little overwhelmed with all there is to do already in our busy lives, I was most thankful for the fact that there is a way to know what to do. We all have a guidance system that will show us what to do if we take a little time to access it.


The guidance system is feelings. And access to the this guidance system is immediately granted simply by asking yourself questions. Questions like:


  • "What activities have the most meaning for me?"

  • "What is fun for me?" "What do I have the most fun doing?"

  • "What do I REALLY want to accomplish this year?"

  • "What am I here to do?"

  • "What really lights me up?" "What really gets me excited?"

  • "What feels deeply right to me?" "What feels intuitively right to me?"

  • "What do I want to be known for?"

  • "What do I want to be written on my grave stone?"

  • "Is there something I really want to do that I don't think is possible?"

  • "Is there something I really want to do but I'm afraid it won't work?"

  • "Is there something I really want to do but I'm afraid of what others would think?"

  • "What is the thing I know I am supposed to do but I have been afraid to even think about it?"


The questions you can ask yourself are endless and the game is to keep asking yourself questions until you get at the answers with the most feeling.  The answers that feel right. The answers that you know in your heart are right.


Sometimes people say to me, "Well at least I know what I don't want." Great! Start there. Guess what you have to know in order to know what you don't want. Yes, you have to know what you want. It may not be clear but it is in your mind somewhere creating the contrast for you. Your job is to get at those hidden gems and get them out into the light of day!


So here is my challenge to you for 2012. Find one thing that has some real meaning to you, some real juice and take some action on it!


An observation I have made in my own life is that the things I have accomplished that have had the most meaning did not come to me all at once. The ideas and the action steps came one step at a time. I would get a feeling or an idea to do something. I would take action and then I would see the next step. If I didn't take the first action, I would not have seen the next step. And "baby steps" count. Promise me you won't wait to get it all figured out before you take the first step! Take the first step and the next step will present itself! This approach is a lot more fun and personally rewarding than any other.


My New Year's Wish for you — may you find a new sense of peace and prosperity in your immediate future. And, thanks for including me on your journey.


Happy New Year!

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