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January 2013

"Create More Of What You Want In 2013..."
by Sidney C. Walker


Studying the creative process has long been a fascination of mine and has been of great value to my coaching practice. One of the questions that has long intrigued me is why do some visions/goals of what you want to create practically seem to jump into existence and why do some visions/goals seem to take forever or appear to be near impossible? I could speculate what the answer to this question would be with all the usual logical conclusions. No need to rehash all of the conventional wisdom. The more interesting discussion is what do you do differently with the visions/goals that seem to pop into existence in a short amount of time with comparatively little effort?

Are these visions/goals that seem to pop into existence easier to create? Probably. Are they less complicated with fewer moving parts? Probably. Are they easier to create in a shorter amount of time? Probably. Herein lies the first clue. You can set as many big goals as you want but, be sure you are asking for smaller goals each month that will add up to the bigger visions/goals. And don't limit what you are asking for to your business. Ask for personal things as well.

A second observation is that you will usually have less attachment to the visions/goals that pop into existence more quickly. They are probably not laden with heavy emotional expectation, massive historical evidence and beliefs about what is possible. And probably most important, you don't have any attachment to how the vision or goal is fulfilled. You don't care how it happens. You just want whatever it is that you have asked for to show up.

Not having any attachment to how your vision/goal shows up is probably the most important element for most people. If you think things can only come to you in a certain way, then you have limited the number of ways that vision/goal can be achieved. If you ask for an extra $10,000 for the month (or whatever amount has meaning for you), I am sure you can give me a detailed explanation on the ways it can happen and how it is not likely to happen. Most of us have a little difficulty saying, "I want to create an extra $10,000 this month and I don't care where it comes from. I simply want to create an additional $10,000 just because I say so." To our highly developed analytical minds, that would be considered cavalier or borderline irresponsible.

The question becomes, would you rather increase the odds of an additional $10,000 by 10 times or more by not caring how it happens? Or do you want to limit how you can create an extra $10,000 by what you currently believe is possible? Which, by the way, for many will cut the odds of the extra $10,000 down to almost a zero possibility. Of course, you will have proof why an extra $10,000 is not likely to show up which unfortunately will easily become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So just for fun, create a pristine vision/goal of an extra $10,000 of income showing up with no beliefs about how it can happen or how it can't happen. Just create the vision without any limiting "past-based baggage." Hold that vision/goal in the back of your mind like you would hold the thought of going on vacation or doing something else you love to do. You want to give the goal of an additional $10,000 a consistent, gentle positive energy or feeling. You can't be worrying about what will happen if the money doesn't show up. You can't be worrying about whether you are doing this correctly or not! Don't create any form of negative vibe that will zero out your amazing creative power.

See how you do. See what shows up. Make note of your experience and your results and then do it again next month. What have you got to lose? Does this intuitively seem like something that would be worthwhile getting good at?

I like to give this process as much creative room as possible so I count every way possible for the money to show up. Unexpected money showing up in the usual ways is obvious. If I buy something and get a great deal and save a lot of money, that counts as part of the $10,000. Sometimes I have a bill for something that I owe and the bill gets reduced or goes away in some unusual way. That counts. In the words of John F. Kennedy: "Never negotiate out of fear, and never fear to negotiate." Successful negotiations count. Gifts, winning things, lucky breaks all count. Taking action on intuitive promptings and having things work out in your favor in ways you never would have figured out is a major source of a lot of great things in life. That counts for sure. In other words, welcome the extra money however it wants to come to you! It's headed your way. Don't scare it away with silly limiting beliefs.

Let's create a great new year for ourselves and all the people's lives we will touch, one peaceful step at a time.

Happy New Years,

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