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February 2007


by Sidney C. Walker


Many Financial Advisors have confided in me that they are uncomfortable in social situations talking about what they do. The most important strategy in a social setting is to be able to say something short and of benefit to the potential client, and then focus your attention back on the other person.

People would rather talk about themselves than listen to you talk about yourself. So take a sincere interest in them by asking them questions about what they do, where they are from, etc. At some point when the time feels right, ask them if they have a business card. You don’t need to get into any detail about what you do. That comes later when you follow-up with a phone call and then actually sit down with them to talk about your business.

In other words, you are better off making a good social impression than having them understand what you do for work! The likelihood of you explaining what you do for work in a social setting and having someone say, “That’s exactly what I am looking for,” is almost zero. So let go of trying to achieve the impossible!

If you think the person you have just met has potential as a client, wait a week and give them a call to see if they would like to get together.


Here are some responses to the question, “What do you do?” that have been successful for my coaching clients:


“I help people maximize what they are doing with their money and minimize mistakes.”

Then you jump right in with, “How about you? What do you do?” and keep them talking. They will think you’re great and interesting to talk to if they get to do most the talking.

Ocean of Choices…

“I help people make informed decisions about financial products. There are so many products and so many choices today, most people need help finding their way through the ocean of choices!”

Then you jump right in with “How about you, what do you do?” and keep them talking.

Informed Decisions…

“I help people make informed decisions about their finances. I feel my main job today is to show people what the options are and then help them pick a direction that feels right to them.”

Then you jump right in with “How about you, what do you do?” and keep them talking.

Humorous Investment-Oriented…

(Said with a smile…) “I work with wealthy people and those who want to be wealthy. Do you fit into either of those categories?” Prospect responds. Then you jump right in with “How about you, what do you do?” and keep them talking.

Remember, you will make the most progress in a social setting if you keep the other person talking about themselves which means you don’t have to talk about yourself! They will think you are great and will more likely see you when you call them.

Offer them your business card and ask if they have a card. Tell them, “I’d love to have you in my rolodex (database) in case I need a ____________. If they don’t have a card, get out one of yours and write down their name, telephone and email on your card.

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