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February 2008

by Sidney C. Walker


Educating your clients on financial issues and then LETTING THEM DECIDE what they want to buy is three times more profitable (and ten times more fun) then trying to talk people into buying what YOU think they should buy.

You don’t have to wrestle your clients into a sale to make money. In fact, you will make a lot more money if you stop trying to control your client into a sale and instead help them discover what is really important to them, and then help them get what they want.

I call it Selling Without Wrestling™ which is also the title of my 4-module (one module per week) Teleseminar Sales Training Series which starts again on March 10th. I will be doing free teleseminar previews of this training the latter part of February so watch your email for announcements.

Here is one of the main premises of the Selling Without Wrestling™ training:

People want two basic things from a financial rep (which they also don’t expect to get). They want relevant information about the financial issues they are currently facing without any sales pressure. In other words, people want someone knowledgeable to talk to who isn’t going to try and sell them something as soon as they show some interest.

This sounds easy enough. Why do so many reps shy away helping their clients discover and get what they really want? Most reps don’t get any training on how to do it. We all get trained on how to control the client into a sale. We learn to make sales and make money by controlling the client. To give up this control and potentially give up making money is an unsettling proposition.

However, when I convince reps that they can actually triple their closing ratio by taking a less controlling approach, I start to get some attention. I especially get the attention of all the reps who are already very low key in their approach and would like to have a 90% closing ratio. It is very exciting to the low-key reps to realize they can have a higher closing ratio than the hard closers.

One of the keys to having a 90% closing ratio is that you have to get your client to verbalize what is important and why it is important. This is what they will commit to. This is what they will spend money on.

If you would like to increase your skills in this area, my best-selling book addresses this subject in great detail: How to Double Your Sales by Asking a Few More Questions which is available again this month at $10 off with this discount code: 362190. (If for any reason the code doesn’t work, make a note in the “comments” and we will make the adjustment. Offer expires 2/29/08. International Orders see below.)

Have a productive February,

Toll-free: 877-985-3297 (Free Training Preview) (Detailed Training Description)

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