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February 2009

"How To Create Your Own Reality..."
by Sidney C. Walker


As I work with my coaching clients, advisors are all over the place emotionally. Many have made a variety of adjustments and are doing well. Some are an emotional wreck, not sure what to do. Some of my clients are using the market results to find new clients in record numbers and some coaching clients are having a "deer in the headlights" experience when it comes to prospecting.


The idea that we create our own reality has been around forever. This concept is harder to get your arms around when there seems to be so much out of our control and so much of it is negative. So this is a time to review what we can control and make sure we are doing everything possible to create the best reality for ourselves.


We tend to create what we focus on. Maintaining a positive vision for the future is critical. This vision can be for the next 5 minutes or for what you want to accomplish for the next year. Keep your focus on what you want to create rather than the way things are. Try to stay neutral to the negative news. Worry and the negative visions it creates takes away from our resourcefulness and is a waste of time and energy. This is a real discipline, especially when so many people are complaining more than usual. Just say "no" to your own negative thoughts.


Find ways to take action. Too many people stop taking risks of any kind when the negative news increases. Your intuition is the smartest part of your brain. I like to say your intuition is always right, it is your emotions and analysis that mess everything up. Under stress, most people become more analytical which is the slowest part of the brain and the most risk averse. So balance is key. If you are all intuition, you will have an awesome sense of direction and timing but you may have trouble getting things done. When you are all analysis, you may be getting things done but you may not be doing what you really need to do, especially if it involves risk like with prospecting.


Find the positive value in whatever happens. This is another challenging discipline in an economic downturn. Your analytical mind thinks it is crazy to be looking for a positive perspective when there is so much negative news. But your intuitive mind, which sees from a much bigger perspective, knows that good will come from current events. Good will prevail.


In physics, there is a documented theory called the Theory of Dissipating Structures which basically says that in nature everything is moving toward a higher level of evolution which requires that once a certain level of organization is reached, it will fall apart to allow a new higher level of organization to occur. Change is inevitable. Evolution is inevitable. We tend to forget about that part between the big changes.


The short version of this formula I learned years ago from one of my most important mentors, Kurt Wright. My version of what he said is: Have a positive vision, take action using a combination of intuition and analysis, and find the positive value in whatever happens. Life is constantly teaching us how to reach our goals if we pay attention and embrace the lessons rather than get beat up by them.


As Kurt used to say to me, "With this formula, you either get the results you are after or a lesson required to get the results. Therefore, you canít lose!" I have always liked the feeling of not being able to lose.


Put a smile on your face and take some risks. From the big perspective, you really canít lose.


Enjoy the long weekend...

PS: If you want to learn more about the concepts presented in this newsletter, order my book, Trust Your Gut. It has a 100-day money-back guarantee.


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