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February 2011

"Low-Key" Doesn't Mean You Don't
Sell or Promote! (Part One)

by Sidney C. Walker


I call myself a champion of the "Low-Key" approach. The Low-Key Approach to selling financial services is all about helping people make informed decisions that feel right to them instead of just trying to sell them what YOU (the advisor) want them to buy.


Sometimes people mistakenly think I'm saying that you don't sell or that you don't promote. Not at all! I love to sell and promote. I can be unrelenting in my barrage of benefits about anything I am trying to sell or promote but there is one important difference. I always give people a way out and make sure they know they have a way out. In other words, I want people to feel total freedom to say no to me or my ideas and know that it won't affect our relationship!


I am quick to tell people that they don't have to buy. We will part friends whether they buy or not. I love to tell people that I don't want them to ever do anything that doesn't feel right to them. That is one of the most important values that I bring to the table. Many others in my position do not have those same values. Whatever we do has to feel right to you or I don't want you to do it! Prospects love this!


People are not used to that kind of directness and lack of sales agenda. Sometimes you have to tell a prospect a time or two to show that you mean it. Sometimes, when you tell people that they don't have to buy anything, their response is, "Ya, right..." The prospect doesn't believe you or doesn't trust you. Some prospects, especially those who are controlling, can't imagine that you can make a living without being controlling, demanding, pushy, or aggressive in your approach. Thankfully these situations are not that common and you usually don't end up doing business with these people anyway because they are too skeptical in the first place.


The kind of prospect you want to talk with is going to respond positively to you when you show them the honor and respect of giving them a way out. Another way I like to demonstrate this to the prospect is also in my opening language. I say, "My job is to help you make informed decisions that feel right to you which includes doing nothing if that is really what feels right to you. However, I do want you to promise me that you will make a decision. I don't care what it is. I just don't want to go through this process together and have you say you want to think about it for six months. We both have better things to do. Don't your agree Mr. Prospect?"


You can't really control what the prospect is going to do. But, if you set up the expectation of your relationship to include making decisions and get prospects to agree to this approach, they are more likely to come through. The good news is that most prospects are going to buy something or they wouldn't be talking to you in the first place. Remember, if someone is talking to you, it usually means they feel like they need to do something. So you don't want to scare them away with traditional sales pressure or saying things like, "What is it going to take for me to get you to buy some life insurance (or fill the blank) today!" Of course, you would never say that but we have all been trained to make people feel like that is exactly what we are up to. If prospects feel sales pressure, they don't feel a way out, which usually means they will stall, pull away, and not return your calls after the first meeting.


To be continued...


If you don't have a copy of my Opening Language, send me an email and I will send it to you.


Have a productive February,

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