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February 2014

Lessons From The Super Bowl...
by Sidney C. Walker


Why was Seattle so dominant and effective against a record-setting Bronco offense? The most intriguing answer to me is that they had a simple focus and they played intuitively rather than intellectually. The simple focus was to do everything they could to keep the Bronco offense from making any headway. This included rushing the passer, hitting his arm as he is trying to pass, covering all the receivers, swarming the run, and basically disrupting the play in any way possible. Also important was to attack each play with as much speed as possible. In other words, don't think, just use your intuitive instincts to stop their forward progress as fast and as hard as you possibly can on each play.

There is nothing new here. This is basic defensive strategy. The difference was the level of focus on a simple mission and doing it instinctively or intuitively. So here's the question to ask yourself: How would your practice change if you had a simple focus and you pursued it intuitively with everything you've got?

Take prospecting for example. This is the biggest barrier for most advisors to achieving their goals. What would it look like to have a simple focus toward prospecting and give it all you've got every day? Here are some ideas...


• Risk pulling the prospecting trigger every day. Commit to doing some prospecting or to getting names of people to contact every day.


• Trust that your clients will be obvious to you when you meet them. Look for chemistry and timing. Keep track of the ones where the chemistry is there, forget about the rest, get them out of your system.


• Trust your intuitive instincts as you prospect. If things are moving in the right direction and you are getting a good feeling about what is happening great. If you don't get a good feeling about what is happening, move on. Give up trying to work with people who are not responding to you in some positive way.


• Don't judge the process or the results. Keep your myopic, critical, progress-measuring, know-it-all ego/intellect disengaged. Remember you make progress by talking to people and making an offer to help. How people respond is insignificant. You keep looking for the people who respond in a positive way. The people who don't respond in a positive way are not a match and not worth further effort.


Simple enough? Stop trying to figure out how to proceed and just jump in with a simple focus. Ask people if they are happy with what they are doing with their money. Let them respond. Then ask them if they want some expert help. Ever thinking you have failed because someone is not responding to you is a meaningless judgment by your analytical ego/intellect. Take action with all your heart and trust your instincts as you go. The results will speak for themselves.

Have a productive February,

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