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March 2009


by Sidney C. Walker


I have developed a new membership website which offers a tremendous amount of material for a small monthly fee.


I am calling it the...


Selling Without Wrestling Society™



Here are the basic premises of the Selling Without Wrestling™ approach (How to have a 90% closing ratio without being pushy or controlling)...

There are two kinds of sales people: Client-Controllers and Relationship-Builders. The Client-Controllers do whatever it takes to make a sale as fast as possible (traditional approach). The Relationship-Builders are not comfortable being pushy and controlling. The most successful approach for Relationship-Builders is to connect with the client, establish trust, and help the client make educated decisions that feel right to the client.

• 99% of corporations teach a Client-Controller approach to selling which Relationship-Builders don’t relate to and end up struggling to find an approach that feels right to them.

• The only approach that is going to work for a Relationship-Builder is one that fits his or her values.

• If you don’t have an approach that fits your values, your performance and your income are going to suffer greatly.

• If you are a Relationship-Builder, the training you got and the sales culture we are all in, makes us think we need to be a Client-Controller to succeed. This is simply not true. I have proven beyond any doubt in 30 years of coaching financial advisors and creating a lot of millionaire producers that you can be super low-key and make a fortune!

I have proven that you can take a low-key approach and leave the Client-Controllers in the dust with a 90% closing ratio. The highest closing ratio a Client-Controller can get is 33%. (Client-Controllers can have higher closing ratios but they can’t sustain them because of business falling off the books.)

• The key to a 90% closing ratio is changing your intent from doing everything possible to talk the client into buying, to helping the client make an educated decision that feels right to them. (You goal is still to make sales, but you do it with an entirely different focus.)

• Your opening language is critical in order to establish trust: You have to say and mean something to this effect: “My main job is to help you make educated decisions about your finances. I have products for sale but this is not about me trying to wrestle you into buying a product. This is about helping you make decisions that feel right to you, which includes doing nothing!”

• You only work with people you have chemistry with. Chemistry and Timing are the two required elements for a sale for a Relationship-Builder. If the chemistry is not there, you are wasting your time.

• You have to create a safe environment for people to open up and discover what is important to them. They often are not clear on anything other than they don’t know what to do. Or they may have some idea about what they want but don’t know how to get it. They have always been “sold” something.

• You have to get people to verbalize what they want and why they want it. That is what they will commit to and that is what they will buy. Not getting people to verbalize why they want something substantially reduces your closing ratio. You have to be skilled at this part of the process which I spend a lot of time on in the training.

Help people get what feels right to them. This is not about selling them what you want them to have. This is about helping people get what they really want.

If you do these things, you will have a 90% closing ratio. (The 90% closing ratio is not with any man on the street. There needs to be some kind of relationship happening. And remember, as a Relationship-Builder, that is what you’re good at! That is your greatest strength!)

• Once you learn this approach, you fill find it is easier than what you are doing now; and it is more fun, more rewarding and more profitable than anything else you have ever tried!


So Check Out the New Site at:


Listen to the FREE PREVIEW:

There is a lot more detail on what I have discussed here plus a handout with my famous opening language. Click here for Free Preview.

Sign-up for a 7-day FREE TRIAL with Your Credit Card:

You will not be charged anything for 7 days. I am offering a super low introductory fee that won’t last forever at $47 per month. Lock in the low rate now before it goes up to where it should be for a site with this much content.

Check it out! As a Relationship-Builder, you’re going to love what you see and hear!

Enjoy the Spring weather...

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SPECIAL: The special this month is being able to sign up for my new membership site: the Selling Without Wrestling Society™ training and coaching website for Financial Advisors for a mere $47. I won’t be able to do all I have promised each month for this low fee for very long. The fees will have to increase.

CHECK OUT THE NEW SITE! If you relate to what I am saying, sign-up. You can’t lose with me. If you get into the material and decide I’ve lost my mind (Client-Controllers say this to me regularly), there is a 30-Day unconditional guarantee. If you discover you are not a Relationship-Builder but really a Client-Controller and need material that will help you railroad people into a sale, you can get a refund and search for more forceful techniques. Again, you can’t lose with me!

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