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April 2007


by Sidney C. Walker


What is greater than God? What is more evil than the Devil?

Poor people have it.  Rich people want it.

And, if you eat it, you will die.

70% of Kindergartners answered correctly in less than a minute.

17% of college students answered correctly after 3 minutes.

See how long it takes you to get the answer.

(Answer at end of article.)


The amount of time it takes you get the answer to this riddle indicates how much you are at the effect of information overload, busyness, and the constant distractions we all face in our lives today.

With all the distractions, it is very easy to lose track of what we are really trying to accomplish or worse, we know what we want to do and can’t find the time to do it!

My FAVORITE STRATEGIES for this dilemma are in three parts: be more INTUITIVE, DELEGATE MORE, and SIMPLIFY wherever possible.

I realize in the financial services business there are complexities that you have no control over. Home Offices and Broker Dealers are full of people reinventing the wheel to justify their jobs. Unfortunately, the majority of the well-meaning people who are creating new products and procedures have never sold anything. What can seem like a great idea to them can easily turn into a nightmare for someone in the field. Just the fact that someone is creating a new product or procedure that we have to learn is a problem unto itself, regardless of the potential benefits.

Herein lies Strategy #1: Be More Intuitive. Before you take on anything new, ask yourself, “Does this really feel right to me?” “Will I actually use this?” “Will the actual benefits outweigh the time and energy it will take in learning time and trouble-shooting time?” “Is this really necessary or is this just another someone’s good idea?” As a friend of mine says, don’t jump too fast after good ideas...wait until you get the big intuitive yes before you commit yourself.

Strategy #2: Delegate More. Delegate the learning and the trouble-shooting to an assistant or a smart, energetic, college student. The job description is: anything that frees up your time. This can include: office work, grocery shopping, trips to Home Depot, moving kids around, you name it. If you look at what you make per hour at work and look at what you can pay a college intern to do time-consuming projects, you can’t afford not to do it! You can actually have them take twice as long, make lots of mistakes and fix the mistakes, and you are still way ahead. And if your project is internet or technically-oriented, a smart student will make short work of what you thought was a big project!

A great source for college students is You pay $25 per month per college to post your job. You’ll get lots of interest. There are a lot of students who need a way to learn the ways of the world and to prove themselves. Plus they need the money!

Strategy #3: Simplify. This sounds easy enough. It is often harder than it looks. A few key questions are: “Is there anything that is taking my time and energy that I can do without?” and “Am I willing to try going without it and see how I feel?” “What am I doing out of habit that I don’t really need to do?” “Am I willing to experiment and see what happens?” “How can I get other people involved in simplifying what needs to be done?”

Have a productive April,

Toll-free: 877-985-3297

Sales Performance Coach to Financial Advisors


Answer to Riddle: NOTHING



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