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April 2012

"How Do You Get People To Call You Back..."
by Sidney C. Walker


There are numerous situations where you might be leaving a message or voicemail and wanting people to call you back. You could be making prospecting calls, warm or cold. You could be calling a new referral. You could be following up on a presentation you made or getting back to someone who has expressed interest in the past, and there are more possible scenarios. For this discussion, let's focus on getting people to call you back after making prospecting calls including calling new referrals.


My prospecting telephone philosophy is offer a lot and be hard to say no to because you are giving so much. Offer people your time, your expertise, tell them you will talk about whatever they want to talk about. Tell them you will teach them whatever they want to learn about. Tell them you will answer their questions. Tell them there is nothing to buy at this point. In other words, they don't need their checkbook. And, be sure to mention that you can typically make or save people thousands of dollars just from a single meeting. If you are not offering at least this much, to me you are not even in the game!


One more thing you can do to get people's attention and have some fun is to give people money! Giving people money does all kinds of crazy things to their psyche. They are often not sure what to do. Most people are surprised and pleased that you gave them money. Then as they start to think about it, some people will gladly keep the money. Some people will want to thank you. Some people will want to give it back. Most important, whatever their reaction, you have them thinking about you now and most people feel they need to do something about the fact that you gave the some money!


When I say give people money, I am talking about a small amount like a dollar or a few dollars. I have seen advisors effectively send brand new $2 bills in the mail with a letter about the current economy or saving for the future. I have seen advisors send Super Lotto Tickets for potential millions so they can call people and ask them, "I was just calling to see if we won!" I have had many advisors experience great luck sending $5 Starbucks Card saying they want to buy the prospect a cup of coffee. These are all examples of sending people money. It gets their attention and many will be compelled to respond to you.


I have even talked a few of my coaching clients into sending a $100 bill to a "whale" prospect. The theory was that if the prospect made a million dollars per year, fifteen minutes of their time was worth about $100 dollars. So the card said, "I would like to buy fifteen minutes of your time. Enclosed is a $100 bill for that purpose." That one always works. And guess what, no one keeps the money! I do however recommend you make arrangements with the prospect's assistant in advance to make sure the right person gets the money. Plus the assistant will usually appreciate being involved in something fun and out of the ordinary.


So there you have it, my two favorite ways to get people to call you back. Offer them everything you possibly can in the beginning which makes you hard to say no to. And, if appropriate, send money, which can also be a lot of fun!


One other approach I learned from my former sales manager who was a total character. He would call his referrals and say this: "Hi, Bob, this is Johnny Walker. I just wanted to let you know that I was talking to one of your friends a couple of days ago and I was wondering if you would like to hear what people are saying about you?" And, then laughingly finish with "you can reach me at..." A surprising number of people would call him back right away!


Enjoy the spring weather,

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