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May 2006

by Sidney C. Walker



Are you confusing "what feels good" for "what feels right?" When something feels intuitively right, you have a sense in your whole being that a particular course of action serves your purpose, goals and personality strengths and that it will contribute to your long-term objectives.


What feels good, on the other hand, often is something that will provide short-term gratification but ignores the long-term implications. An example of something that feels good but may not feel right is to take the afternoon off and play golf or go to a movie and ignore issues that need your attention.


Consider your goals first and then ask your intuitive instincts if it feels right to take the time off. If it feels right, then do it. Many times what feels right will also feel good. But notice I didn't say, "If it feels good, do it." That can be a dangerous slogan when you don't check in with your intuition to see if your plan fits your overall purpose and long-term goals.


The above is taken from my book Trust Your Gut: How To Overcome The Obstacles to Greater Success And Self-Fulfillment which is available at:


The old version of Trust Your Gut (Trusting Yourself) is selling used for $195 to $500 per copy on! Maybe you should find out what so many people think is so valuable! Maybe it's time for you to experience the miracles that come from trusting your gut!


Have a productive May,

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