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May 2007

That Will Earn Trust And Lots Of New Sales!

by Sidney C. Walker


I like to say there are two basic types of sales people, Relationship-builders and Client-controllers. This is an oversimplification, but you get the idea. My coaching clients are primarily Relationship-builders. My selling style is so low-key it scares away most serious client-controllers.

Client-controllers like to lead the potential client to the product that they want to sell (this is a traditional selling approach). A Relationship-builder gets to know the client first and then helps the client make educated decisions regarding multiple financial products and situations.

Below, I’ve given you Opening Language that I have all my clients using or something to this effect. This is one of the most powerful things you will ever say to your client and I guarantee you it will result it many more sales.  Some sales will be so easy you will wonder why you ever made it so hard for people to buy! One of my favorite new lines is: “When people relax, they buy.”

Somewhere in your Opening Language include the following or something similar...

“My job is to help you make educated decisions that feel right to you about your finances, which includes doing nothing if that is really what feels right.”

“This is not about me trying to sell you a product, so you can relax. In fact, I will make you a promise right now, I never want you to do anything that doesn’t feel right to you, regardless of how I feel about it.”

“This is your program. I want you to be thrilled with it. I don’t want you to ever feel like I tried to sell you something you didn’t want.”

Logical Finish: “How does that sound to you?” Or, “Does that sound like a fair approach?”

Lighter Finish (with a smile): “So is that the best news you’ve heard all week or what!?”

Have a productive May,

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