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May 2009

The Power of Asking Yourself Questions...
by Sidney C. Walker


I have talked a lot about the power of asking questions in these newsletters over the years with the focus on asking your clients questions. There is another focus for asking questions that is extremely powerful that I have talked less about and that is asking yourself questions.


Your intuitive mind is like a giant computer library of unlimited information just sitting there on your shoulders waiting for you to give it something to do. One of the most interesting and effective ways to use your intuitive mind is to ask it questions.


If you ask yourself a question, sometimes you get an immediate answer, sometimes you have to be patient. But what you can absolutely count on is that the answer will come to you.


Answers from the intuitive mind tend to be quiet communications. They come as a hunch, a feeling, an insight, a barely audible voice, and usually they are very subtle. It helps if you are in a state of mind to hear the quiet answers from the intuitive mind. For example, if you are feeling negative in any way, this will tend to make you less aware when the quiet answer does float into your consciousness. Also, if you are constantly busy, as we all are, it helps to take some short breaks throughout the day to quiet your thoughts and check to see if there are any answers in the intuitive mailbox.


I notice that many of my intuitive answers come to me when I wake up in the morning after a nights sleep. I pay close attention to what pops into my mind in the morning and am ready to write things down to better remember them. Once the day starts it is easy to forget about insights or answers you may have received upon awakening. Also, doing anything that keeps your conscious (analytical) mind busy like driving, exercise, household chores, etc. can be good times to get intuitive answers as well. I have had some of my best insights cleaning up the kitchen after a meal.


Should you trust your intuitive answers and take action on them? My answer from my own experience is a resounding yes. The best things that have happened in my life have come from trusting my intuitive answers to questions much more than my thorough analysis. I don’t recommend that you start taking big risks if you are don’t have some experience and success with trusting your intuitive instincts. But I do recommend that you start to practice to see what kind of answers you get on some smaller issues and risk taking some action to see what happens. Off and on for years I kept a log of what happened when I followed my intuitive answers. The results have been remarkable. My experience is that your intuition always has the best answer, all things considered, for this moment in time. I also like to say it is usually your emotions and analysis that goof everything up!


What is the source of the intuitive answers? This is a question that we don’t have room to address in this venue. However, I will say that the source is big. Your intuitive mind has the ability to see from a much broader perspective than the analytical mind which gives it a huge edge for coming up with better answers. Your intuitive mind can process millions of pieces of information per second whereas the analytical mind can only do a few pieces per second at best. If you are looking for proof of this statement, look to sports. Ask any great athlete if he or she spends more time trusting their intuitive instincts or analyzing when they are at their best.


People say, “What questions do I ask my intuition?” Interestingly, that is often the best question to start with. “What questions should I be asking?” Your intuitive mind doesn’t judge the question, it goes right to work on an answer. Some other timely examples are: “What is the best way for me to find more qualified prospects?” Or, “What is the best thing to focus on to make the income I want to make this month?” Or, “What is the best solution to the current problem or challenge I am facing?”


I have learned more useful, practical information by asking myself (my intuition) questions than from any other source. Other sources of information are useful but are usually not as specific as your intuitive answers are going to be for your particular situation. Your intuitive mind knows you very well!


What would you like to know? Ask yourself a question that will give you the kind of answer you are looking for and see what happens. I predict you will be pleasantly surprised when the answer arrives in your awareness. I will caution you that there may be times you may not like the answer, but that is another discussion.


Have a productive May,

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