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May 2013

"Greeting Cards Are A
Powerful Way to Prospect..."

by Sidney C. Walker


The most powerful communication you can send in the mail for building good will and referrals is a greeting card (much more effective than a letter or an email). People love to get a real greeting card. They are short and express something people are looking forward to opening. You can use greeting cards for multiple purposes including client touches, thank you cards, birthday cards, sending gifts as well as for prospecting and even asking for referrals.

A development that has made sending greeting cards easier and less expensive than ever is the automation created by the internet. A company called is the leader in this technology and a resource that I highly endorse.

Of course you don't need internet technology to send a greeting card. However, the cost effectiveness of this approach is readily apparent. You can send the finest quality 4-color card that would cost $5 at the drug store for $1.50 plus postage and do it all from any computer, anywhere. There is no cost to get an account with You buy cards and postage as you like. The savings and convenience is undeniable and the cards to choose from have surpassed 15,000 with many ways to customize each card if you want to add a personal touch.

If you want to check out the website and send yourself a couple of cards at my expense, go to and sign up for a "Gift Account." You will be prompted to create a user name and password that will allow you to go anywhere on the website. You need a sponsor number to sign up, mine is 42068. I get a small percentage if you end up using the service and sign up with my number. I currently have over 500 subscribers who swear by this resource and its many uses. If you are already a subscriber, you should keep reading.

David Frey is a friend and one of the top referral guru's for small business on the internet. He has also developed some highly effective ways to use greeting cards for financial advisors utilizing SendOutCards. One of my favorites is called "Let's Do Lunch."

Here's how it works. You send out a two-panel greeting card that says "Let's Do Lunch" in big letters on the front. Open the card. On the right is a quote from David Frey's popular book talking about the importance of networking. On the left, under your picture, is this copy: "Dear (first name), I am hearing good things about you. I may (emphasis on 'may') be a potential referral source for your business. (You will have actually talked to someone who has said something good about this person.) I would like to get to know you. Let me buy you lunch. Call me when you have an opening." Sign with name and telephone number.

You send out this card to 50-100 influential people you want to meet once per month for six months. You can get as high as a 40% response with this approach. That's right, people will actually call you! (The majority of people will call you after the third card.) I tell my coaching clients to be more proactive and start calling people to arrange lunch after 3 months. These people all know who you are by then and many will respond favorably to your invitation. They need to network as much as you do.

There is a lot to how SendOutCards can be used in your practice. Here is a link to a webinar I did recently titled:



How to Inexpensively Create Powerful Client Touches,
Generate Referrals and Get Prospects to Call You!



Of course, you can do any of these marketing ideas without using SendOutCards. However, I think you'll discover this is a highly useful resource and that the cost savings speak for themselves. The problem for most of us is that we don't have enough time to get out the 'thank you' cards, the gifts, and do the prospecting we need to do. With SendOutCards you will get a lot more mail out and have more fun than you ever imagined. You can send out a card in less than 30 seconds and they do all the work. You make people feel good. You get all the credit. You are the hero!

Don't miss this opportunity to automate an important part of your business!

Have a productive May,

USA Toll-Free: (866) 674-9479
International: (424) 228-5575



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