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June 2012

"I Can Make or Save You
Thousands of Dollars..."

by Sidney C. Walker


When making prospecting calls, one of the things I teach my advisor coaching clients is to offer as much as possible to their potential clients. In other words, you want to be hard to say no to.


Furthermore, if you want to get people's attention and interest (the first two steps of the sales process) you need to be talking about the benefits for getting together. Stay away from anything that resembles the boring and self-centered old saw, "Let me stop by and show you the kind of work I do."


One of the lines I use in my most popular telephone language, which has been tested by over a thousand successful advisors, goes something like this: "I can make or save you thousands of dollars just from this single meeting!" Obviously, there can be many other things that precede this statement but this is the one I like at the end because I want this powerful benefit to be lingering in people's minds while they are deciding if they want to get together.


I have noticed some of my more particular (analytical) coaching clients have trouble with this line. They don't like using this line because they are concerned that there is a possibility (although unlikely) that they may not be able to "make or save" people thousands or even ten's of thousands of dollars, which is what I recommend they say. Even more terrifying is the thought that the potential client might get out a calculator and ask you to add up the amount that you have "made or saved" them at the end of the interview.


The reality is that almost no one remembers what you said on the telephone when they made the appointment. And, even if they did, no one expects you to add up what you have made or saved them at the end of the first interview. So unless you told your prospective client to bring all their paperwork, you are not going to have the resources to come up with an exact number anyway. And that is the key point, this is a conceptual statement, not an absolute statement. You are not going to know the exact amount you made or saved someone, but you can conceptually point to making or saving people huge amounts of money.


For example, if your potential client makes a good decision because he or she is working with you instead of making a questionable decision by working with someone who is just trying to sell them something, how much will that make or save your potential client? We don't know, but it could easily by ten's of thousands.


Let's say you get someone to put some money away in an annuity or a life insurance contact, what kind of money will that make or save someone? It depends on many variables like how much they put into the contract, how long they put money in, if they die young, and so on with all the contingencies. If they die young, it could mean a fortune to their heirs. If they live, they get all their money back plus interest. Would they have saved that amount if they did not have a program set up to save that money? Statistics show that for most people, probably not. So if that's true, how much would you have made or saved your potential client? Obviously, it's hard to measure the exact amount with all the variables, but it's easy to see that, whatever the amount, it can easily be a lot of money!


One other thing I like to remind my advisor coaching clients: if you are a relationship-builder and not a client-controller, you are going to be in rapport with your potential client. When you are in rapport, the potential client wants the interview to go well. They want to learn things and enjoy their time with you. They want you to look good!


The last thing anyone is ever going to do is try to figure out how much you made or saved them at the end of the interview to decide whether they like you or not. I am not saying it isn't possible. I am sure there is some engineer or accountant you could interview that would hold you to it, but you probably wouldn't want them as a client anyway. In fact, if someone asked me to add up how much I made or saved them at the end of the interview, I would most likely tell them they needed someone more analytical than I am and politely end the meeting!


So offer a lot to your potential clients. Of course don't say anything you can't back up. Conceptually, it is ok to say you can make or save people thousands of dollars. It's as real as it gets on a conceptual level. In the end, when the numbers count, the difference you make in getting someone to make sound decisions with their conservative money is going to have a very real impact.


One last thing, if you don't make the call, your potential client may never get around to making those important decisions with someone who is on their side. What is the potential down side of that scenario for them and for you?!


Have a productive June,

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