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July 2005

by Sidney C. Walker



Being able to consistently prospect requires a certain mindset. The most significant aspect of this mindset is that it is big picture rather than a narrow focus. Most of us spend a great deal of the time on the analytical side of the brain (narrow focus) trying to do things correctly. This is actually the worst possible state of mind you could be in when you are getting ready to prospect because you can’t do prospecting correctly. There is too much out of our control.


However, you can shift to a broader perspective that will allow you to prospect. Here are some of my favorite concepts that I teach all the time to reps of all levels of experience:

• Enjoy yourself, be yourself, say something inviting and intriguing. Be someone people will enjoy talking to.

• It doesn’t matter what happens on any one call. Really!

• You are looking for chemistry and timing. Whether the chemistry and timing are there or not is totally out of your control. Really!

• The only way you can fail is to not make the call. Or in the words of the great Michael Jordan: "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

• Set all your emotions (fears, doubts, negative judgments, etc.) aside.
Yes, anyone can do this. Part of your mind doesn't want you to know you have this much power, but you do. And, if you are waiting for all the emotions related to prospecting to go away before you prospect, you're in for a long wait.

• You get paid to make the call not by people’s reaction to your offer.
Otherwise known as the Universal Momentum Factor: If you make calls, you will make money. The income may not come from the calls you make but it will come in from somewhere. If you prospect, the Universe will make sure you get paid.


Are you starting to get the essence of being a great prospector? It's all out of your control and all you have to do is make an effort and you are guaranteed of success.


Enjoy the summer weather,

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