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July 2013

"Why Does 'Pitch & Close'
Create Call Reluctance?"

by Sidney C. Walker


"Pitch & Close" is the essence of the sales approach used by the Client Controller. This is traditional selling. You pitch the logical benefits of a product or service to try to establish a need in the potential client's mind. Then you start trial closing to find out if your prospect is showing any interest. You continue to pitch and close until you have a sale or more often the potential client says they want to think about it.

This aggressive style is based on getting someone to buy the product you want to sell them not helping the client discover what they want to buy which I like better. The low-key approach that I have taught for decades is about helping the client make educated decisions that feel right to the client which also includes doing nothing if that is what feels right at this time. Client Controllers don't have that kind of flexibility. The Client Controller has to make a sale or they have failed.

Interestingly, the aggressive "Pitch and Close" style is the way we were all trained to sell and it is also a major cause of call reluctance and the fear of self-promotion for most advisors. The reason for this is obvious if you think about it. Most of us, given the choice, would rather be Relationship Builders not Client Controllers. We would rather make friends with our potential clients and help them discover what they really want and then help them obtain whatever they want.

Most of us Relationship Builders where duped into thinking that the only way to make a living was to push for a sale. We were taught that people are not going to buy things on their own. We have to make it happen. This is the beginning of a career of internal conflict and mediocrity if your are a Relationship Builder. We have been taught to sell and promote ourselves in a way that doesn't fit our most deeply held values. We actually don't like pushing people to do things but we think we have to make a living. By the way, the belief that you need to push to succeed is only true if you are a pushy salesperson. If you are a Relationship Builder, pushing people to make sales will actually work against you.

The net result of thinking we need to push people is hesitation or even resistance toward prospecting, self-promotion, closing, and asking for referrals; all the activities that actually make you money. You naturally resist doing what you need to do because you were taught to do it in a way that you actually don't like to do it. If deep down you don't really enjoy doing something, how much or how often are you going to do it? You are going to have to push yourself to do it. You will wait until your back is against the wall to do what you have to do. This is the equivalent of coming into the office every day and setting fire to a very large pile of hundred dollar bills. This is totally ridiculous behavior for intelligent people but you would be amazed at the number of advisors who walk around with this internal barrier to being at their best.

How can you stop this insane behavior? You start by going to my membership website and signing up for the free trial. There are over 80 hours of downloadable audio and hundreds of pages of downloadable handouts. Find something that looks interesting to you and start there. I promise you will be pleasantly surprised. Everything I do it designed to train Relationship Builders how to succeed selling financial services as Relationship Builders instead of Client Controllers.

You will actually be more successful "just being yourself." First you have to discover what really being yourself feels like. Then you need to experience making a sale or two just being yourself. At that point, I will have your attention and there will be a contented smile on your face!

Have a productive July,

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