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August 2005

by Sidney C. Walker


The last quarter of the year, the most profitable quarter for most financial advisors, will be here soon. As a way to prepare yourself for a strong finish, I would like to reacquaint you with the concept of the trim tab.


Trim tabs are used in numerous ways. They are used on boats and airplanes to adjust the flow of water or air. A trim tab can smooth the ride or level the ride of the craft. Or in the case of the airplane, the trim tabs (flaps) can also be used to slow the craft down.


My favorite example of a trim tab is on the rudder of a large ocean liner. The rudder is so big on these ships that they have smaller rudders (trim tabs) that actually get turned first to start the flow of water in the right direction to make it is easier to turn the big rudder in the desired direction. In essence, with a trim tab you have a single point of focus which can determine the direction of a very large and complex operation.


How does this apply to you? Ask yourself this question: What is a single point of focus in your operation that seems to makes everything else happen?


Your answers will vary and may include things like: marketing, prospecting, referrals, opening cases, factfinders, planning meetings, closing presentations, signing contracts, getting checks, etc.


It is my experience as a sales performance coach that there is always one point of focus that carries more weight than any other part of the process for each individual practice. Again, what is the one thing or activity in your practice that seems to make everything else happen?


Determine the single point of focus (trim tab) that has the greatest impact in your operation and do as many of those as you can during the last quarter. The concept of the trim tab will give you a simple focus, and that can make all the difference.

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