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August 2007


by Sidney C. Walker


One of the approaches I have used for decades to help reps get their prospective clients more excited about working with them in the initial interview is to start out by asking more questions. Instead of telling prospective clients how great you are, start out by asking them questions. People actually think you are smarter if you ask questions about them rather than talk about yourself. I think that is an accurate assessment, you are smarter if you ask questions about your prospective clients rather than just talk about yourself!

Here is a surefire sequence of questions that will get your prospective clients thinking youre a wonderful, caring, intelligent person and will be much more interested in what you have to say when it is your turn to talk about what you do.

After some small talk designed to break the ice and look for anything you may have in common to build rapport, ask questions like these...

  1.   Mr. and Mrs. Jones, in order for us to make the best use of our time, would it be okay if I asked you a few questions?  
  2.   Generally speaking, where have you invested your money?
Do you own real estate? (Do they own their home, what other real estate do they own.)  What do they like about investing in real estate? Is there anything they dislike?
  3.   Do you own securities? Mutual funds, stocks, etc.
What do you like about investing in securities? Is there anything you dislike about securities? (How about when the market goes down and you lose a bunch of money?)
  4.   How about life insurance, do you own life insurance?
What do you like about owning life insurance? Is there anything you would like to change about your life insurance program?
  5.   Do you feel it is possible to become financially independent? (Wait for an answer which will be some form of yes.) If I could help you become financially independent would that be of interest to you?

(If they are obviously already financially independent you would change your question somewhat: If I could help you maximize what you are doing with your money and minimize mistakes, would that be helpful to you?)


Assuming the answer from your prospective client is some form of yes to the last question, you now make the statement: "Let me tell you a little about what people like about what we do..."

You will find your prospective client much more attentive to what you have to say about what you do for people since you have already demonstrated your ability to listen to them!

Have a productive August,

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