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August 2008

Would You Like More Referrals
Without Having To Ask?

by Sidney C. Walker


I have been hosting a series of Webinars recently with David Frey titled The Ultimate Referral Webinar. David is one of the top selling authors on the internet. His book is the Small Business Marketing Bible. David is an expert on getting referrals without having to verbally ask for them. Here are some of the key premises we have been teaching financial advisors.


Your clients will send you more referrals if you regularly let them know you care, make them laugh, make them feel good, or do something for them with no expectation of return.



We call this building your client’s emotional bank account. The more deposits you put into the client’s emotional bank account, the more likely they are to refer you to people they know, unsolicited.



You need to touch your clients on a non-business basis at least 12 times a year (some studies say 20) to get the maximum number of referrals from your clients.



20% of the people you are touching 12 times a year or more (on a non-business basis) will send you referrals that year.



There are several ways to create client “non-business” touches: personal notes, cards, emails, gifts, client appreciation events, send them referrals, etc.



Most reps are not doing enough non-business touches.


If you are interested in learning more about how to automate this process for pennies on the dollar returned, sign up for our next webinar (September) or give our office a call for a free demo.


SPECIAL REPORT: HOW TO PICK THE RIGHT COACH: I have written a special report on how to pick the right coach as a relationship-builder. If you know someone who is considering hiring a coach and is more of a relationship builder than a “client-controller,” be sure they read this short report. Here is the link:

Have a prosperous month

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