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August 2009

The Only Surefire Way Out Of A Slump...
by Sidney C. Walker


Are you having trouble motivating yourself to do what you need to do? Are you feeling more resistance than usual? Are you having trouble making decisions that didn’t used to be a problem? Are you shying away from doing the prospecting you once did? These are all symptoms of being in a slump. Or, at least it is a long way from peak performance.


Slumps can happen at any time. Any number of negative events can trigger a slump but the main cause of this condition is being overly analytical. Giving our analytical mind control of the ship is a response most of us have learned from our schooling and then reinforced by the conventional wisdom of our intellectual approach to most things. The basic premise of the analytical mind is that there is a single correct answer or approach to problem solving that works every time. We learned this from taking tests. If you get all the right answers, you get an A on the test. The problem is that actually living life is much more complex.


The analytical mind has a very narrow focus and only works in a controlled environment. If you are counting money, it does fine. The more complicated the task, or the more moving parts, the less effective the analytical approach becomes which means you make more miscalculations and more mistakes.


If you have a big enough negative event or a series of smaller negative events, you can go into a form of shock. You automatically go into protection mode to stop any more damage. The protection mode for most people is to become analytical. Once you are in this mode, you cease taking any risk. You want things to be predictable. You want things to have a beginning, middle, and end. You don’t want to work on anything that could fail. You want people to say "yes." You don’t want to hear "no." (Hence the gravitation to shuffling paper or anything else with no risk potential.)


So here you are in a job that requires you to be a catalyst. You have to initiate the contact with potential clients in order to do new business. You have to develop a strategy for what to do with people’s money that will inspire people to take action instead of wait until it is too late and miss the opportunities created by change. You have decisions to make that require committing resources to what looks like an uncertain future. Needless to say these are challenging times!


And, what are you using to handle this kind of pressure? You're overworked and under-qualified analytical mind that only knows how to count money. In other words, your analytical mind is not a strategic thinker and is scared to death of taking any risks. Your analytical mind will never be a great leader under pressure which is what you need now.


So how to you find the great leader within? How do you find the fearless genius that thrives on pressure and scoffs at the gloom and doom of challenging times? You pray, you meditate, you walk, you run, you journal, you read an inspirational book or watch an inspirational movie. You do anything to get you out of the narrow focus on the analytical mode and shift to a bigger perspective.


When I am working with a coaching client in a slump, I often refer to "A-Mode" and "B-Mode." A-Mode stands for the "analytical" mode we have been defining as very narrow focus, no risk. B-Mode is very different. B stands for BIGGER PERSPECTIVE. When you start to find your way back to "being" in B-Mode or "Be" mode, you are on the path to recovery.


B-Mode (Bigger Perspective Mode), is the opposite of A-Mode in that it can see the complexity of all the moving parts as well as see the big picture. The B-Mode does not go into shock over the complexity of the situation and having to take some risks. The B-Mode can see that the odds are in our favor if you do the right thing. The B-Mode can see that life is a process where you don’t ever get all the answers to your questions all at once, but you can always get the next piece of the puzzle. You can find the next logical thing to do and find the courage to do it. When you are in the B-Mode, you can find the door that allows you to take the next step toward improving the situation.


Professional athletes are in high-pressure, challenging predicaments whenever they compete. That is part of our fascination with professional sports. The pressure to perform is tremendous, the competition is fierce, and there is always big money at stake. If you were to ask a professional athlete to describe the B-mode, they call it things like: "in the zone," "in the cocoon," or "sheer awareness." I have heard athletes say when they are at their best, everything moves in slow motion and they can’t hear a sound even though there are 100,000 screaming fans surrounding them.


Fortunately, we don’t need to have quite this level of awareness to find our way out of challenging times. But we need to move in the direction of having a bigger perspective. We need to let go of negatively judging the details (current results) and get back to being good at playing the game with what the analytical mind would call "fearless abandon." No athlete is going to say, "Oh, I missed that shot so I guess I am no good." However, if you are in A-Mode and you miss a sale, or something else negative happens, your analytical mind says: "See, there is more evidence that things are falling apart! What will be next?"


When you are in B-Mode, your mind has a different perspective. It says: "Now calm down everyone. This too shall pass. We are going through a challenging cycle. We have been here before and we got things turned around and we will do it again. Let’s not panic. Let’s have some faith that good will prevail if we figure out the next logical step and take it! The best we can do is learn from whatever happens and keep going forward."


If you want to learn more about how to get into the B-Mode, I have a 2-CD Set with a written transcript that goes into much greater detail. In this product I call the B mode, The Prospecting Mentality, which is also the title. See below for special offer for August.


Have a breakthrough August,

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