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August 2012

"The Source of Your Success:
Intuitive Instincts..."

by Sidney C. Walker


I started my first "sales adventure" novel this summer and have written 35,000 words on my way to 80,000." There's lots of practical information in the book. This is a first draft which means it will get substantially edited but the content is right on. Here is a sample of a discussion between the two main characters, Luke and Sophia, on the power of your intuitive instincts.  Sophia starts with the first question...


"How would you define intuition?" she asked.

 "Big subject. Let's see. 'Internal promptings barely caught in the web of human consciousness.'"

 "I like that. Say more," she said.

 "'The barely audible voice of Heaven.'"

 "I really like that one, were do you get these!?" she said, a little jealous.

"Total Recall, I said with my best Schwarzenegger accent.

 "Yah, right."

 She didn't believe I had total recall but I knew she liked my Arnold impression.

 "So what else can you tell me about intuition?" she asked.

 "Probably the most interesting thing about intuition is that it comes to you when you least expect it. You have to be able to ask yourself a question and then totally let go of your awareness of the question. If you keep any focus on the question you engage your intellect which will give you all kinds of answers but it won't the be the intuitive answer.

 Also the intuitive answer is usually not related to any other train of thought. Sometimes I will have an intuitive thought like 'call John and Mary Richards.' I will ask myself if was I thinking about anything related to John and Mary? If the answer is no, it's most likely an intuitive answer or message floating into my awareness and I need to pay attention to it and follow it! Which reminds me of another definition of intuition."

 "What's that?" she asked.

 "The intuitive response is always the 'particularly appropriate response.' The P-A-R for short. It's the genius answer. It's the best answer all things considered. It's the answer that comes from someplace way beyond our limited intellect. And, you know it when you hear it. "

 "How do you know?

 "You just know. It just feels right. It's hard to explain."

 "Is there a difference between intuition and emotion?" she asked. I figured she knew the answer but she wanted to hear what I had to say on the subject.

 "Yes. Intuition is a quiet sense of knowing something is right or not right. Emotion is usually a more intense feeling and it can change quickly. Intuitive feelings don't change like emotional feelings. If something feels intuitively right today, it will feel right tomorrow. With emotion, you can be excited about something one minute and then totally change your mind at any moment."

 "So intuition is more of a quiet sense for you," she said.

 "Yes. "

 "How do you access your intuition? How do you get at it?" she asked.

 "I ask questions. It's like as soon as I ask a question I have a bunch of little guys running around in my head doing everything they can to find the right answer from the right source. Then when they get it, they float the answer out into my awareness hoping that I am paying enough attention hear the answer. I know those little guys must get frustrated with me because I don't always hear their answer to my questions."

 "Hmm. I like your little guys. What kinds of questions do you ask your intuition?" she asked.

 "That's the million-dollar question with such a simple answer that many people miss it. You ask yourself the question that will give you the information you need. Whatever information you need? You just ask your intuition a question that will give you that information and it's starts working on finding the best possible answer all things considered.

 It's a little like doing research on the internet. You have to find the right question for the search engine to get the answer you are looking for. You type in the question and here come the answers. That's not the best analogy because the source of the answers is obviously very different. You can see where the answers are coming from with the internet. With intuition you have no idea where the answers are coming from. But it's the same in that if you ask the right question, you're going to get the information you need.

 "So do you always get an answer when you ask your intuition a question?" she asked.

 "Actually I usually don't get an answer right away. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don't get an answer at all.

 When I don't get an answer I figure there are three things that can be in the way. 1) I'm not asking the right question; 2) I need more time or I may not be emotionally ready to hear the answer."

 "That's an interesting one," she said.

 "And, 3) I need more information or I need to do more research."

 "I like all of those," she said.

 "And the kind of question you are asking is an important. If I am asking myself what feels right for lunch? The answer is important at the time but probably not of any great consequence in the grand scheme of things. If I am asking what I want to do with the rest of my life? That answer is going to require a much more complicated response.

 Some questions get answered right away. Some questions can seem like it takes forever. So it's definitely more of an art than a science," I said.

 "Do your intuitive answers work to produce the results you want?" she asked.

 "Oh yeah. Big time. I kept a long for years just to prove this to myself. It seems like your intellect doesn't want you to listen to your intuition. I guess it thinks intuition is dangerous because you can't see how you intuition arrived at it's answer. It's a total unknown.

 Anyway, every time I made an intuitive choice I would make a note of what it was and what happened as a result. I can say without hesitation that the best things that have happened in my life have come from intuitive choices and NOT from trying to figure things out with my intellect. Another interesting observation I made was that when you are following your intuition, even your mistakes seem to work which is usually not true of your intellect.

 "Would you like to learn how to fine tune your sensitivity to hearing your intuition?" she asked.

 "Absolutely. I can't think of anything more important."

 "I like to say your intuition is the smartest and fastest part of your brain. Your intellect is the slowest, dumbest part of the brain. Of course, you need your intellect to stay alive and do the simplest things, so it's important. But we get programmed to use the intellect for everything. It's great for adding a column of numbers. But it wasn't designed to deal with anything complicated or anything involving intuitive feelings.

 Most guys seem to get this concept quickly if you talk about sports. When you're playing any sport well. When you are really 'in the zone,' what are you thinking about?" she asked.

 "Nothing," I said. "It's an amazing feeling, it's sheer awareness. I 've had championship hockey games like that where I was able to do things I didn't even know I could do!"

 "Exactly, it's all awareness and intuitive instinct. Your intellect becomes a spectator. That's where we're headed honey, except the arena is much bigger than the ice rink," she said.

 Home run Sophia, I thought to myself. I was speechless.


If you need me for anything, I'll be writing.


Enjoy the summer,

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