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September 2005


by Sidney C. Walker


The smartest part of your brain is the intuitive part.
It has the ability to process millions of pieces of information per second and give you an answer to any question.


Since women are socialized to feel more than men, women usually tend to be more comfortable using their intuitive instincts as a decision making tool. Men are socialized to think and analyze more and often don't think of intuition as a viable source for decision making.


However, most men can relate the intuition through sports. If you listen to top athletes talk about when they are at their best or "in the zone," they will describe this experience as sheer awareness ready to respond in a fraction of a second. They are not thinking about anything. They are certainly not trying to analyze because that mental process is too slow during the heat of competition.


Bottom line for both men and women is that you can't do anything complicated with any speed without using the intuitive function of your brain.


HOW DO YOU ACCESS THE INTUITIVE PART OF THE BRAIN? You ask it questions like: "What does it FEEL like it is time to do now?" "Who does it FEEL like it is time to call now?"


Hundreds of my coaching clients who are now skilled at using their intuition say that as soon as an answer pops into your head, you act on it. The answer may come into your awareness right away and sometimes it takes awhile. Be patient. Keep moving and doing. An answer will float into your awareness, often totally unrelated to whatever you are doing at the time.


If you ask yourself "who does it feel like it is time to talk to now" and a name pops into your head, call them. Often the response you will get is that they were thinking about you!


Or, the next time you are in an interview and you get the feeling you should ask a certain question, ask it. Often that will be a high point in the interview and you will find that your client will have a whole new level of respect for you from that point on.


Your intuition is like a mega computer sitting there between your shoulders waiting for you to give it something to do. Take the two questions I have given you and try them out a few times each day. You may find this approach to be a lot of fun and highly profitable.


You may find that you will stumble into things you would have never thought of or figured out. Those are my favorites.


If you want to learn more about the amazing ability of your intuition and how to use it in your business, check out my website:


Intuitively and spontaneously,

Toll-free: 877-985-3297

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