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September 2011

"Getting Yourself To
Do What You Need To Do..."

by Sidney C. Walker


I have been taking back-to-back courses at Landmark Education for the past eight months. Landmark is an amazing environment to put yourself in if you want to hang out with people who are making things happen in their local communities and around the world. What they are doing around the world is nothing short of amazing! They have been around for forty years and if you have never heard of them it's because they don't advertise. I have many of my coaching clients do their initial training to speed up the coaching process. What they accomplish in one weekend with a large group can take months or even years to recreate one-on-one. Check out Call me if you want to know more from my perspective. I did the original training thirty-one years ago.


Anyway, one of the most powerful concepts I have ever come across in terms of getting me to do what I need to do, goes like this and I give Landmark credit. What question do you ask yourself when you are confronted with a challenge? We have all been trained to ask ourselves questions like: "How am I going to do this?" or, "How am I going to get this done in time?" or simply, "How do you do that?"


Interestingly, to ask these kinds of questions makes perfect sense but they tend to keep us stuck in non-action. When you ask yourself "how" are you going to do something, this engages your analytical mind. Most of us have been trained to use the analytical approach to problem solving and it has its merits. A drawback of the analytical approach is that it is not an action-oriented approach. The analytical mind hates risk and hates to make mistakes. We are taught we should learn everything first, or figure everything out first before we proceed and try to do everything correctly the first time.


Unfortunately, most of life doesn't fit the analytical model very well. The analytical model works ok in a finite environment like adding a column of numbers or fixing a copy machine. But the more complex the situation, like adding people to the equation, the less effective the analytical approach becomes.


The bigger problem is that we end up thinking a lot about what we need to do and end up actually not doing anything about it. This approach, of course, doesn't produce any results because results follow action. It doesn't matter how much you THINK about something, if you don't take any action, you are not going to make any progress. I am the first to admit I have fallen pray to this analytical logic and wasted countless hours thinking I was doing something productive when in reality I was really just wasting my time and energy!


So what is the question you ask yourself that gets you out of the analytical trap of "thinking about and doing nothing?" You ask yourself these questions instead: "What do I know to do?" or "What do I know to do now?" These questions produce action steps. When you take action, you get results. Results give you something to measure your progress against. If you are getting results, even if the results are not what you hoped for, you are learning. Now you are on a path that will eventually succeed. It is really the only way to get to the next level short of luck or windfall. So, stop thinking about HOW to do what you need to do and ask yourself what you KNOW to do right now and get at it!


Give this a try and see if you don't find yourself in a totally different world of action and results! It's also a lot more interesting and energizing to take some action. Baby steps count! As they like to say here in LA on the movie sets... annnnd ACTION!


Have a productive September,

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