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November 2005


by Sidney C. Walker



It's time again to close as much business as possible before the end of the year. So here are some win-win tips for making 2005 a record year!


...Focus on the cases where you have some chemistry. I tell my coaching clients if the chemistry is not there, you are probably wasting your time or it's a long shot at best. People today want to buy from someone they trust. Chemistry leads to trust if you help people make decisions that feel right to them.


...Let people buy what they want instead of pushing too hard to sell them what they need. It's better to get people moving in the right direction than to have them do nothing. You can make your case for buying more of what they need the next time around.


...Take away all sales pressure. Tell your clients they can relax. This is not a wrestling match to see if you can sell them a product. This is about you helping them make educated decisions that feel right to them which also includes doing nothing if that is really what feels right. Isn't that how you would want to be treated if you were the client?


...Get people to verbalize what's important to them and why it's important on as many topics as you have time for. Then get them to verbalize what is most important to them and why it's most important.  The answers to those questions become the opening statements of your closing presentation. Reminding the client of what he or she said was most important and why is 100 times more powerful than any logical argument you may have for taking action. I'm not saying you don't use your logical reasons to take action. Just make sure you don't assume you know what's important to the client. Make them say it out loud and your closing ratio will be in the 70-90% range.


If you know anyone who is looking for a coaching relationship for next year I have some openings. You can send people to my website: or the best approach is to get permission for me to call them and I will initiate the call. Don't forget to send me their name and telephone number! As always, I appreciate your endorsements and referrals. They are a big part of my success.


Have a peaceful and safe Thanksgiving,

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