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November 2006

by Sidney C. Walker



As we near the end of another year and I think of over 25 years of coaching over 2,500 financial advisors, one of the most common barriers people face is their own negative thoughts.

What can we do to reduce or eliminate negative thoughts and the resulting negative consequences? Here are some thoughts to consider…

We are creative beings. We create or manifest in our lives whatever we consistently give our mental energy to in the form of our thoughts.

Is the quality or essence of your predominant thoughts positive, neutral, negative, or about equal?

By definition, negative thoughts take away from our lives in some way, positive thoughts add to our lives.

The goal is the shorten the amount of time between when you notice a negative thought and decide to shift it to neutral or positive.

The moment of truth involves a combination of awareness and responsibility. Once you notice a negative thought, you have a choice as to whether you will continue to allow it to be a negative thought and give it your mental energy, or you can shift it to neutral or positive. Only you can choose if the glass is “half-full” or “half-empty.”

The biggest challenge is when a negative thought seems logical, or warranted, or justified. You can deal with a negative situation and not allow yourself to become negative. I am not saying this is easy. But if you can somehow maintain a positive or at least neutral mental state under pressure, you will be far more resourceful in dealing with the situation.

I devoted a whole section of my book Trust Your Gut to the power of shifting your thoughts away from the negative. I am offering a $10 discount (per book) for orders of Trust Your Gut through January 1, 2007 to everyone receiving this newsletter.

The book is also a great gift. I’ve had people tell me everything from “The book saved my life!” to “It helped me play better golf!” Check it out at You have my promise this book will do something wonderful for you (or your friends), if you read it! You can’t just buy the book and put it on the shelf. Although, I’ve had people tell me they like having the book in a prominent place because seeing the title reminds them to trust their gut!

Forward this eNewsletter to your peers. Anyone who now goes to to sign up for my free eNewsletter gets a free ebook ($47 value) and instant free access to three of my recent teleseminars!

Have a peaceful and safe Thanksgiving,

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