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November 2010

"Do You Have the Guts to..."
by Sidney C. Walker


I have been putting a lot of energy into getting in better physical shape as I approach 60 years old on my next birthday. I have lost 40 lbs this year and am working on the next 30. I play tennis almost every day now which I have not done much of since high school. I was an expert snow skier when I lived in Colorado which gave me a reason to stay in shape but that was twenty years ago. Where did the time go? And, a few pounds a year for twenty years adds up!


I have tried everything you can imagine to lose weight and stay in shape. One of my mentors used to tell the story that for one year he prayed every night before he went to bed that he would wake up in the morning and want to go jogging. He said it never happened! I'm sure many of you can relate, staying in shape is the hard work of making time and beckoning the motivation to just do it!


I am leading up to an interesting breakthrough I had recently that can be applied to getting in shape as well as some of the more challenging aspects of your business. I do a fair amount of writing and journaling. I have found that one of the most powerful natural resources we have is the ability to ask ourselves questions. In fact, I have been teaching as part of my coaching program this past year that the ability to ask yourself the questions that will give you the answers you need to succeed is probably the greatest skill you can possess.


In the process of asking myself questions, I stumbled across the question, "Do you have the guts to __________?" When I applied this question to some problems and challenges I have been working on endlessly, I was amazed at the internal results.


When someone says to me, "Do you have the guts to __________?" It gets my attention in a totally different way. I am challenged. My awareness radar goes into a higher state of alert. For me it is almost like saying, "Are you ready to fight for something you really want!" It's like I've been just waiting for someone to ask me that question! I needed someone to grab me by the shoulders and shake me out of the dream state I've been walking around in! My comfort zone is history with this kind of focus. You have awakened the sleeping giant!


Here are a few sample questions to try on with our theme and see if any of these questions do anything for you. I will start with my challenge to get and stay in shape and move on to a variety of other topics including business.


Do you have the guts to skip lunch or dinner and workout instead if you really are not that hungry? (Listen for it... YES I do!)


Do you have the guts to do what you know is right regardless of what other people will think or say?


Do you have the guts to give the people you are closest to the most slack just because they are the people you are closest to!?


Do you have the guts to get some items off your To-Do list that you have been avoiding!?


Do you have the guts to take action on doing what feels right to you that will also make you the most money?


Do you have the guts to call on the people who can have the biggest impact on the success of your practice?


Do you have the guts to... (fill in the blank)?


I know your answer is "yes" to most if not all of these questions! Throw some cold water on your face, shake yourself out of your comfort zone and go for it!


Remember, if this particular question doesn't quite work for you, ask for the question that does! The question will float into your awareness, you just have to be ready to recognize the question when it shows up.


Have a peaceful Thanksgiving,

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