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November 2013

The State of Your Business Address...
by Sidney C. Walker


With the 24/7 constant reporting of "bad news," people need to hear some good news. Actually there is way more good news than bad news. But since advertisers like to pay for the bad news because it gets more attention, you donít hear much of the good news. This creates the illusion that there is way more bad news than good and that people donít care that much about the good news. I have always felt this approach to reporting the news is not really helping us overall. But thatís how the combination of advertising dollars and human nature makes it play out.

People also like to hear good news about you and your business. They like to hear that your business is growing. It is comforting to them to know that you are doing well. So why not tell them! This is the perfect time of year to bring people up to date with what I like to call your State of Your Business Address.

You can say things like this, "Just a short note to let all our clients and strategic alliances know that we have had another great year." Or, you can say, "We had a strong year of growth and expect a record 2014." You can always find a way to tell the truth in a positive way.

If you can report of things like community activity or anything that demonstrates that you are giving in some way, your clients and centers like to hear about that. People like to hear about what you are doing to increase your professional ability. Maybe you went to a conference worth mentioning or you are working on a designation. You can also let people know if you have finally done something you said you always wanted to do. Use your good judgment when talking about what you are doing for recreation or as a hobby. An affluent clientele is going to consider things like extensive travel more normal than a less affluent clientele. You have to decide what kind of image you want to present.

One final thing that makes the whole project worthwhile is to thank people for their referrals. This is often referred to as giving people a reputation to live up to. You can say something like, "We want to sincerely thank you for your referrals to family and friends this past year. The greatest compliment we can be given is to be referred to the people who are close to you."

Keep your State of Your Business Address short with lots of white space. I recommend one page, short block paragraphs, medium size type and you can do it on fancy stationary that reflects the season if you like. If you have a Send Out Cards account, you can create a spectacular 5-panel card and add your own digital photos with copy underneath. You can make the front of the card a photo of you and your office staff. A picture is worth a thousands words and you want the picture to send the right message.

Sometimes I get these types of letters and they are several pages long with detailed descriptions of everything the family did the past year. That much detail is ok for family members and close friends but not for clients and centers. A little self-promotion combined with thanking people for their referrals is plenty. If youíre not sure if a particular achievement is appropriate for your letter, ask yourself, What does this say about me? If the achievement says you are a good person, or that you care about people, or that you are working hard to do the best job for your clients; your clients and centers will want to hear about it.

I have had my best year ever as a coach. To all of you who read my newsletters, listen in on my webinars, and promote me to your peers, you are the people who made it a record year and I humbly thank you. Also, itís important for me to say that your acknowledgment that I make a positive difference in peopleís lives is what motivates me to do this work, and I sincerely thank you for that as well.

Have a productive November,

(424) 228-5575 (Los Angeles, California)



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