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December 2005

by Sidney C. Walker



Think of your clients. Most of them are so busy with their lives, they don't have time to keep up with what is available in financial products and services. They need help to maximize what they are doing with their money and minimize mistakes. They need you. They need a financial coach.


Stop thinking of yourself as a sales person and start seeing yourself as a financial coach and your life will instantly change for the better. Most of us have been trained to sell people what they need rather than what they want. There is nothing wrong with talking people into buying things but it is a lot more fun and more profitable to talk people into buying what feels right to them. Find out what people really want and help them buy that!


What a concept! Just help people get what they really want. Your closing ratio will skyrocket. You will be having more fun with this business than ever before and you will start getting unsolicited referrals.


Getting unsolicited referrals is the proof that you are helping people get what they really want. If you are not getting them, it means you are stuck in the old paradigm of pushing people to buy things they may not be totally sure they want. If your clients feel like you are pushing your own agenda too hard, they are not going to want to refer you to their friends.


Why do successful people hire a coach? They want someone available to talk to that knows their situation. They want the energy and synergy that comes from working with a professional who is on their side. They want someone they can brainstorm options with and come up the best possible solutions to reach their objectives. People are starving to have people in their lives that will truly help them get what they want and not just try to sell them something. Try this job description on for size and let me know how you like it.


Speaking of hiring a coach... This is a great time of year to hire your own coach. This is a busy time of year for me but I have room for some new clients and I am interviewing new coaching candidates every day.


Check out the home page of my website to see all the projects I am currently working on with reps like yourself. Maybe you should consider giving yourself the gift of putting a skilled coach in your corner for 2006!


Hiring a skilled coach that specializes in the financial services business with a proven track record will most likely make you more money than anything else you are spending money on. I often pay for myself many times over by talking my clients out of spending money on the latest marketing gimmicks and getting them to focus back on the proven fundamentals.


Call me and let's talk about what you would like to change in your practice for 2006. What do you want more of? What do you want less of? What would be an outrageous goal that we could work on together?


The initial interview doesn't cost anything. I promise to help you make a decision that feels right to you which of course, includes not hiring me as your coach. All I ask is that if you have a feeling that it might be time for you to explore the possibility of hiring a skilled coach to help you work through some issues and get to the next level, let's make the decision together.


Have a productive year end and enjoy the Holidays!

Toll-free: 877-985-3297

Sales Performance Coach to Financial Advisors



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