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December 2006

"What Questions Do You Ask to
Get to the Inner Man/Woman?"

by Sidney C. Walker



I get asked this question a lot. Sometimes people ask me if I have a list of questions they can use.  The answer is... YES!  I have a list of questions. I have written a whole book on the subject: How to Double Your Sales by Asking a Few More Questions. Having a list of the questions can be helpful but it is not a guarantee of success in the interviewing process as many of you have experienced.

More important than a list of questions to ask your client are the questions you are asking yourself during the interview. What you want to know about your client when the interview is over are the answers to the questions below.

What have they done in relation to the problem you are discussing?

How sophisticated or knowledgeable are they?

What do they like about what they have done?

What would they do differently knowing what they know now?

What would they like to change or do differently?

What does this person care about related to the issue your are discussing?  Why is that important?

What does this person want that they don’t have?  Why is that important?

What is their biggest fear related to the issue you are discussing?

Are they interested in learning about the options available to them?

Show them the options then ask what option is of the most interest?  Why is that option of the most interest?

Is the problem important enough to spend the time and money to solve the problem?

EXERCISE: Imagine yourself in a client interview. Imagine all the questions you would need to ask to get the answers to the above questions? Remember each interview is going to be a little different depending on how your client answers your questions. The model above is generic, try it out on a non-financial issue for practice. Learn to be a brilliant interviewer. It will show up immediately in your bank account.

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Enjoy the Holidays

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