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02/14: Lessons from the Super Bowl...

01/14: Tips For Reaching Your 2014 Goals...

12/13: Holiday Prospecting...

11/13: The State of Your Business Address...

10/13: Top Three Things Clients Want from an Advisor...

09/13: No Sales Pressure = Increased Closing Ratio

08/13: Prospecting for Gold...

07/13: "Why Does 'Pitch & Close' Create Call Reluctance?"

06/13: "The Simple Paradigm Shift that Makes Prospecting Easier..."

05/13: "Greeting Cards Are A Powerful Way to Prospect..."

04/13: "Is There Interest in My Offer? Is There Chemistry?"

03/13: "Tips On How To Start A Sales Interview!"

02/13: "Go For Interest, Not Just An Appointment!"

01/13: "Create More of What You Want in 2013..."

12/12: "Questions and Quotes to Ponder..."

11/12: "What Creates Trust Faster than Anything Else?"

10/12: "Our Job Is To Help People..."

09/12: 'Warm-up' Before You Make Prospecting Calls... (Dice Game)

08/12: "The Source of Your Success: Intuitive Instincts..."

07/12: "Relationship-Builders Do Things by Feel..."

06/12: "I Can Make or Save You Thousands of Dollars..."

05/12: "What Do You Really Want To Create..."

04/12: "How Do You Get People To Call You Back..."

03/12: "Tell Your Clients They Don't Have To Buy..."

02/12: "Can You Hear Me Now?"

01/12: "If Life Is A Game, These Are The Rules..."

12/11: "What Will Your Client Most Likely Buy First..."

11/11: "The Secret to Success for Relationship-Oriented Financial Advisors..."

10/11: "Emotivation vs. Demotivation"

09/11: "Getting Yourself To Do What You Need To Do..."

08/11: "Overcoming Prospecting Avoidance TOP TEN..."

07/11: "New Research On How We Make Buying Decisions..."

06/11: "What’s One Thing People Never Tire Of..."

05/11: "Ask Questions and Really Listen..."

04/11: "What Makes the Client Write the Check?"

03/11: "Attached To The Sale" vs. "Committed To A Relationship…"

02/11: "Low-Key" Doesn't Mean You Don't Sell or Promote! (Part One)

01/11: The Secret to Happiness and Self-Fulfillment for 2011…

12/10: Confidence and Courage...

11/10: "Do You Have the Guts to..."

10/10: Saying What's Real

09/10: Formal "Factfinders" Are a Mistake for Relationship-Builders...

08/10: Your Clients Understand in the PAUSES...

07/10: The Elevator Talk That Never Fails...

06/10: Chemistry, Timing, and Money...

05/10: Resistance is the Core of Self-Sabotage...

04/10: Harnessing the Power of Creative Thought...

03/10: What Will Keep You From "Getting To The Feeling Level?"

02/10: How to be a "Good Guy" and Sell More than "Harry the Hammer"

01/10: Prospecting is a Form of Service...

12/09: The Greatest Gift You Can Give...

11/09: The Question That Creates The Most Sales...

10/09: Important Questions To Ask When Closing...

09/09: The Most Effective Way To Establish Your Credibility...

08/09: The Only Surefire Way Out of a Slump...

07/09: Say All There Is To Say, Then Let The Chips Fall Where They May...

06/09: What If...

05/09: The Power of Asking Yourself Questions...

04/09: Inner Truth Sells Regardless of the Economy...

03/09: Join the Selling Without Wrestling Society

02/09: "How to Create Your Own Reality"

01/09: "Let’s Do Lunch!"

12/08: A Time to Reflect

11/08: Are You Feeling Taken Advantage of By Greedy People?

10/08: Your Clients Need You Now More Than Ever!

09/08: Are You Doing Enough Networking?

08/08: Would You Like More Referrals Without Having to Ask?

07/08: Do You Feel Like You’re Not Getting Enough Done at the End of the Day?

06/08: How Do You Connect With Your Prospect Or Client?

05/08: "Permanent Life Insurance Gets a Big Time Endorsement"

04/08: "I Already Have a Financial Advisor"

03/08: Does Your Genie Have Unlimited Wishes?

02/08: 3 X More Sales + 10 X More Fun!

01/08: Motivational Interviewing

12/07: A Time to Reflect

11/07: Should You Be Asking More Questions?

10/07: Selling Without Wrestling!

09/07: Quotes to Ponder

08/07: More on the Power of Asking Questions

07/07: The Power of Ending with a Question

06/07: Put More Expression in Your Voice

05/07: Opening Language That Will Earn Trust and Lots of New Sales!

04/07: How Fast Can You Answer the Following Riddle?

03/07: New Webpage of Favorite Books

02/07: "What Do You Say When Someone Asks You What You Do?"

01/07: Are You Seeing the Big Picture?

12/06: What Questions Do You Ask to Get to the Inner Man/Woman?

11/06: "Just Say No" to Negative Thought

07/06: A Few Quotes to Ponder

05/06: If It Feels Good, Do It?

03/06: What If Your Clients Says "I Don't Know"?

02/06: Repeat Your Prospective Client's Exact Words

01/06: How to Set Meaningful Goals...

12/05: Your Clients Need a Financial Coach

11/05: How to Close & Have Your Clients Love You for It!

10/05: 10 One-Liners from How to Psych Yourself Up to Prospect

09/05: Are You Using The Smartest Part Of Your Brain?

08/05: The Power of a Trim Tab

07/05: Warm-Up Before You Make Prospecting Calls

03/05: Trust Your Intuitive Instincts

09/04: Making Prospecting an Adventure - GAMA News Journal

Book Reviews

Book Review: "TRUST YOUR GUT" - Kirkus Discoveries Book Reviews

Book Review: "HOW TO DOUBLE YOUR SALES" - Registered Representative



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