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It has been proven in the athletic world and more recently in business that if you feel good about yourself (and your self-promotion), you will perform well. The goal of Individual Coaching is to eliminate or modify any part of the sales process that's keeping you from feeling good. Changes need to be made and the most successful changes are the ones that feel intuitively right to you. Individual Coaching will identify the little changes that will make the big difference in your sales results.

What you gain from the Individual Coaching Process --

  • Develop your ideal practice based on your values and strengths..
  • Develop the ability to consistently do the amount of prospecting you are capable of doing.
  • Learn the most powerful approaches to sales and self-promotion as a relationship-oriented advisor. (I don't work with "client-controllers.")
  • Develop the ability to identify who is worth pursuing and when to let go and move on.
  • Resolve any internal conflicts that are holding you back from operating at a peak performance level.
  • Enjoy greater peace of mind and an expanded sense of well-being in relation to your work.

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