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How to Psych Yourself Up to Prospect

How to Psych Yourself Up to Prospect

by Sidney C. Walker


Highly paid professional athletes would never consider jumping into the game without some kind of warm-up for fear of injury. It is no different for you as a highly paid prospector. You need to warm-up. Furthermore, the mindset required to be skilled at prospecting is different than the mindset we use for most other tasks and takes more energy to stay focused in that mindset. This eBook is a collection of one-liners and phrases that have been instrumental in my success in getting people fired up to make prospecting calls.

Chapter Headings Include:

  • On Taking Action
  • Why You Are Making Calls
  • Benefits of Making Calls
  • Accept the Reality of Prospecting
  • Things I Say to Myself to Get Fired Up to Prospect!
  • Push Through the Fear
  • Enjoy the Call, Maintain Your Attitude
  • Mechanics
  • One More Time with Feeling!
  • Warm-ups from The Prospecting Mentality.
  • Let Go and Let It Roll — The Dice Game
  • A Summary
  • The Choice — Abundance or Struggle.

(eBook, 21 pp.; $27.00)

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"Sid has a gift for finding the right words or perspective to get you out of the ‘stuck’ position and into an action mode. This material helps me maintain the prospecting mindset which gives me the push I need to make calls."
Glen F. Stockham, Jr., RFC; Stockham, Rhea & Miller, LLC
Garden City, Kansas



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